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Moira Mannion Physiotherapy is located in the heart of Bronte in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Moira is an experienced Physiotherapist who has worked autonomously in her own business for over 18 years and has recently moved to work in the rooms of Bronte GP. 

Moira completed her studies in South Africa and has been in private practice in Sydney for many years. She has recently qualified in the treatment of lymphedema (swelling as a result of immobility ) with leading edge techniques.

Moira has a keen interest in spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuiries and works closely with specialist neuro-surgeon, Dr Marc Coughlan of Coastal Neurosurgery in these two areas of post-operative and rehabilitation.  In situations where surgery is required, Moira’s treatment includes pre-operative strengthening, attending surgery (where possible) and post-operative rehabilitation. Moira is a keen runner and has completed many endurance events globally.


Waverley 2024, NSW (Head Office)

Bronte GP 1/276 Bronte Road
NSW 2024
Office Hours: Mon- Fri 9- 6pm
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Average: 5 (1 vote)

Moira offers the most amazing treatment taking a personal interest in all her patients. She has a huge amount of experience and spends heaps of time with patients - unlike other physios that leave patients on machines. Moira is very caring and supportive and knowledgeable on brain and spinal cord injuries. Definitely recommend

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Average: 5 (1 vote)

Moira is one of the most dedicated Physiotherapists i have experienced. She works tremedously hard to fix your injuries no matter what and is very succesful in doing so. I have had a bad back for 8 years or so from problems with my discs and saw moira for 2 months and barely have any pain whatsoever, even after the first appointment with Moira i could feel improvement in my back and thereofr will never use another Physio besides her.

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Average: 5 (1 vote)

Each of my family members has used Moira for a range of different injuries. Results from my first visit were way above expectations. Very professional and would recommend without a doubt.

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Moira has achieved great results on my various sporting injuries - from lower limbs through to neck she gets me back out there asap. She is very experienced and has 'seen it all'! Great dry needling produced excellent results. 

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Moira demonstrates a genuine concern for her patients' wellbeing and listens patiently with focused attention to detail, observing each symptom and gauging responses to her questions, before assessing, diagnosing and progressing with her recommended treatments. These qualities - aside from her broad and extensive experience - are what sets Moira apart: as a patient, you are Moira's highest priority and her calm and confident, yet gentle nature allows you to feel at ease and in very capable, healing hands. Highly recommend this kind and caring soul.

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Moira gives a great professional but also individual service. She cares for her patience each to their own and is concerned for each one's wellbeing. Moira was so kind and caring toward my injury and helped provide me with a realistic rehabilitation program and I am now feeling so much better. Her kind and caring nature made me feel very comfortable and I could trust her to take great care of me. Her lengthly experience was highly evident and I would definitely go back for any future problems.