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What we do

Jigsaw is a social enterprise that provides jobs at Award wages to people with disability.

As a Registered NDIS Provider, we base support charges on the NDIS Price Guide, and the individual support that you need. If you would like to discuss accessing supports at Jigsaw using your NDIS funding, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your individual support needs and goals, and generate a schedule of supports together. NDIS 'core' funding can also be used.

Jigsaw also allows people to access work experience without funding. Ask us for more info.

Jigsaw is a digitisation and document management service – we scan things for other businesses who are trying to become more efficient and use less paper. There are a whole range of jobs associated with doing this work – document preparation, specialist scanning, data and document management, quality control, project and relationship management to name a few.

Usually, we get everyone to try out Jigsaw with a work experience placement first, to see if you like the work and to make sure we can provide the right supports to enable your success in the workplace. After a work experience placement, there may be an ongoing paid position for you at Jigsaw, depending on how your work experience went, and once you have reached a certain level of skill, quality of work, and independence.

We can also provide a reference for you, and a range of other support to assist you transition to a job in the mainstream workforce, if that’s your goal.

To find out more about a job or work experience placement, please phone our Intake Team on (02) 9905 0415 or email us  and we can talk more about the options.

A little more about Jigsaw...

Jigsaw operates a 3 tier model, including:

Jigsaw Learning

Jigsaw Learning provides practical training, skill development and work experience for people with disability, focused on work-readiness. The training is tailored to individual’s needs and is available to people with and without funding. People with an NDIS package can use their ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ and ‘School Leavers Employment Support’ (SLES) funding.

Jigsaw Outsourcing

Jigsaw Outsourcing provides employment to people with disability, paid at Award wage. Our business harnesses the skills of a diverse and unique workforce to deliver digitisation services to corporate and government clients. Our team delivers quality results that win Jigsaw large commercial contracts.

Jigsaw Temps

Jigsaw Temps places skilled, confident employees into mainstream roles within corporate and government organisations. For Jigsaw this represents the final piece of our model, and for the individual it represents the beginning of their career.

To find out more about a job or work experience placement, please phone our Intake Team on (02) 9905 0415 or email us  and we can talk more about the options.

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Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086 (Head Office)

22 Rodborough Road
Frenchs Forest
NSW 2086
Office Hours: 9-5
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