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Mac Support Coordination Services

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Mac Support Coordination Services


Need a highly respected and experienced Support Coordinator?

Therese McCarthy IS Mac Support Co-ordination Services

Therese McCarthy - Mac Support CoordinationWith 25 years of experience in the Disability Sector, Therese is a passionate advocate for people who require complex individualised person-centred support. She specialises in providing professional and user friendly Support Coordination for people with a disability of any age.

Therese is a diligent and highly resourceful Support Co-coordinator with extensive experience in the Disability and Community Services sector. 

Highly motivated and committed to achieving outcomes, Therese offers the following:

  • An intimate knowledge and experience with current legislation and relevant policies in the Disability and Community Services sector. 
  • Expertise in stakeholder engagement and service liaison. 
  • Support planning, complex case co-ordination and case management, person-centred planning, social inclusion and behaviour intervention planning.
  • A supportive collaborator assisting you to meet with, choose and establish service agreements with providers.
  • Established results as a facilitator for person-centred planning meetings.
  • Developing paths for people to enter mainstream life, prevent a crisis and or incarceration.
  • Intimate knowledge and experience of current legislation and relevant policies in the Disability and Community Services sector. 


Therese has highly unique professional skills and knowledge. (parents)

“Dear Therese, Thank you for your dedication and highly professional commitment to consultation and engagement with my office to facilitate planning, referrals and access to clinical and other specialist support services. This standard of case management is essential in working with complex needs clients.” (provider- 2016)

Following a person centred planning meeting: “That was the best meeting I have ever attended with my child”.

“Therese is a really great case manager.” (colleague)

“If I was a person with a disability I would want Therese to be my support Coordinator. She never gives up.” (colleague)

“Thankyou Therese, You are the only person who was able to help my son. He has his drivers license now and is so much happier living in his own unit in the backyard with supports.” (parent)

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Lake Macquarie, NSW 2267 (Head Office)

Lake Macquarie
NSW 2267