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FAQ for Service Providers

Choice and control are important concepts in the legislation underpinning the NDIS. People with disabilities can now set their own goals, plan their own care and coordinate their own support services.  MyCareSpace facilitates these choices by providing access to Service Providers that match their location and needs and are influenced by the ratings and reviews these providers have received from their customers.

By listing in the MyCareSpace directory you will be able to connect with people searching for your services.

How do I add my business to the directory?

Complete the Registration Process Online where you are able to ad your ofifice locations, select the catgories that you belong to and the areas you service. You can even add keywords to help users find your organisation when looking for specific services.

You will also need to select the subscription type that best suits your business. A paid listing gives you more chance of being returned in search results.

Why list in the MyCareSpace Directory?

Reaching new customers and building brand loyalty will determine your ability to thrive as an organisation.

In a world of ever increasing demands for transparency, platforms such as ours acknowledge that the best form of marketing channel is your existing customers base. Word of mouth is still the most powerful way of growing your business, and even more so for people in the disability community.

The difference is now that the word of mouth happens on platforms like MyCareSpace. List on our directory, encourage your existing customers to add their reviews and we will do the rest to make sure new customers find you!

What are the prices of your Subscription Packages?

  • Free: If you are interested but would like to adopt a wait and see approach. No bells and no whistles. Just 1 head office location. No photos, videos or logo.
  • Basic: (Most popular) This package is vital if you have multiple office locations (up to 4 locations) and would like these offices to match our users' location based searches. You can add photos, videos and downloads. You are entitled to user search statistics and analytics.
  • Premium: Same perks as our Basic package but suitable if you are a larger provider with more than 4 locations.
  • Partnership: You may be a start-up looking to disrupt the market place or a sole trader or a national provider looking to leap frog your online presence. You can access our network partners, sharing similar values and opening a multitude of opportunities. Call us to discuss on 1800 670 014

View our Subscription Options Table

How do I claim my listiing?

If you find that you are already in our directory as part of our launch of NDIS registered service providers, you can 'claim your listing' and then update your information, add more office locations and a detailed service description.

Depending on the type of subscription you choose, you can add multiple locations, photos, videos and downloads.

How do I upgrade my listing when claiming it?

When you EDIT your listing you will see the PURCHASE OPTIONS at the top of the page. You can change your Subscription Type here.

How can I make sure that people find me in the directory?

The answer is simple. Make sure your listing contains all your service information. Provide a detailed description of your services, add photos, videos and most importantly, add key words. From our experiene, it is clear that photos and videos hold the most weight when converting a 'browse' into a telephone call.

Here are some tips on how to get the most from your MyCareSpace Subscription

Do I have to be an NDIS registered Service Provider to list in the directory?

No you do not. We recognise that there are many valuable services available from non NDIS providers and not all our consumers are registered with the NDIS.

How does my listing get ratings?

Word of mouth is your best method of advertising and so you need to have your existing customers add their reviews to your listing. It's a quick and simple process and will improve your rankings in the search results!

INVOICE - How do I print my monthly payments invoice?

Login to your account.

Go to the MY ORDERS tab.
my orders tab

Click on the Order Number in the first column to view your order.
my orders tab

Click on the 'Printable Invoice' tab.
my orders tab

You can now print your invoice or save it as a PDF.