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Hello and Welcome to Your Hart 2 Hart!

What We Do

Your Hart 2 Hart provides respite, group activities, counselling supports in all areas of Melbourne and the Gold Coast

We provide a group activities program in the inner city of Melbourne and the Gold Coast.  This is for lower to medium support needs.  We can provide that 1 on 1 support to transport the participant to and from the activity from the participant home in an uber (with uber expenses to be reimbursed for Melbourne) and charged per kilometre for Gold Coast.  We can also accept participants making their own way to the group activity.  Our groups are for participants aged 16 years of age upwards in Melbourne and 13 years of age upwards on the Gold Coast.

We can provide support for Indeigenous Australians 


How We're Different

Your Hart 2 Hart have been working in the NDIS landscape since the trial site stage started in 2013.

We offer a unique model of service delivery whereby we support our participants by considering their specific care needs first, and then seek services to meet those needs. This provides a model of true choice and control.

Our housing supports came out of our awareness of our need to be innovative, world class and most importantly secure! We can offer that standard to our clients who want to continue to live in mainstream community, with supports and a positive health and lifestyle focus.

Our clients and their carers are at the centre of everything we do and mainstream links are what we do. We go beyond by meeting the housing needs of our people in innovative and responsive housing models.

Hart 2 Hart participants live in our secure, supported and desirable properties giving ready access to all services, security of accommodation and join a health focused and positive community!


Our Services

Individualised Living Options (ILO) 

We are taking names for ILO supports in Melbourne and Gold Coast.  We can either work in your property of choice or support our ILO participants with finding the property for the ILO to be provided. We can offer this support to our participants that have ILO supports that are plan managed. The tenants are looking for participants with low-medium support needs and who want to live a quiet life setting with a health and wellbeing focused lifestyle.


Group Activities -  REFER Program Schedule in attached file

We offer group activities in the Gold Coast and Melbourne for lower to medium support needs. Participants that have CB Relationships in their plan would be classified as to higher support needs. Participants can either make their own way to the group activities charged at 1:1 ratio divided by 2. If participants want their own support worker or want to be transported to the groups, they will have to pay for the milage ($0.97 per kilometre in the Gold Coast and reimbursement of uber expenses in Melbourne). These participants will be charged 1:1 plus reimbursement of these expenses. We fund the ticket prices out of our profits (Tickets are not charged to the participants plan). We tailor supports to each participants needs. It’s footy season and our groups are popular; participants need to book early to avoid disappointment.

Melbourne Group Activities

If a participant needs transportation assistance, our joymakers (eg. Support Workers) use their own vehicle and we charge $0.97 per km of worker milage to the core budget.

We only use uber related travel for MCG and Marvel Stadium sporting groups.


Support co-ordination

We offer Support Co-ordination in Tweed Heads NSW and Gold Coast QLD for plan managed participants only


Support workers/Joymakers:

We tailor support workers to meet client needs with a focus on clients living independently in their homes and support to access the community. We devise a care plan with you to meet needs and goals.



We provide counselling support either face-to-face or via phone or skype (zoom).  Our counsellors are ACA accredited.

We have a psychologist that can offer face-to-face and telehealth appointments on the Gold Coast at our office in Southport

We offer telehealth psychologist supports (telephone and/or zoom/skype) in other areas in Australia



Offered face-to-face - Melbourne CBD and per Telehealth


Respite  Short term accommodation STA (respite, holiday camps).  


We offer short term accommodation in the Gold Coast and Melbourne.  All respite is charged at 1:1. We pay for accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner plus 1 drink per main meal.  We provide one major activity per day while on respite.  This activity could include trip to any of the Gold Coast theme parks, or a movie or any attraction that is available in any of the places the participants want to go.  Day trips to Byron Bay are also popular. Participants only need to pay for additional drinks, snacks, and souvenirs.  For participants coming from outside Melbourne and the Gold Coast, we include the cost of the return flight to Melbourne and Gold Coast (excluding Western Australia).

STA funding is used for multiple support workers, service coordinators, community workers and therapy assistant hours as required for the planning and duration of the STA. It also covers most costs of support such as accommodation, food, valued activities, and transport support to and from the STA.  It is not a holiday but a crucial disability support. 

“Respite” can be provided in home for shorter times and often focuses on care with the person with a disability while the informal support attends to their own needs to thereby maintain their caring role. This is charged at the hourly support worker rate and there are no associated activity, meal or accommodation costs provided or involved as the participant is in their own home and is supported to tend to necessary disability required but usual tasks of daily living.

In contrast, STA is about active and capacity building support for and with the participant and is conducted outside their usual home. This support is provided by several qualified NDIS compliant professional disability staff in preparation for as well as over the entire STA of the participant. STA has an active focus on workers supporting participants into the community together, and is facilitated by a team of trained disability staff to maximise active participation in generally valued social activities.  STA allows new social contacts/skills building and removes social isolation as well as developing skills of independence with mainstream activity participation that most Australians take for granted as part of their regular weekly activities. As such STA has a more active focus and builds capacity in multiple areas of the participants goals and needs. Crucially, STA also assists the broader community to build the capacity for mainstream activities to be more inclusive, accessible and to raise awareness of disability needs while being a safe, welcoming place for ALL Australians, with and without a disability.

Taken together, STA is an active capacity building disability support away from their usual home. It is facilitated by a team of trained disability staff to maximise active participation in general social activities valued and undertaken by ordinary Australians. STA benefits participants, carers and communities by increasing individual capacities of the participants, giving vital planned breaks to carers and promoting the fair go and mainstream inclusion that is a human right taken for granted by Australians who do not live with a disability.

Our supports are for plan managed and self-managed participants.  Self-managed participants must pay for the support within 1 week of providing the support.  Plan managed will be invoiced after the support is provided.

Your Hart 2 Hart was nominated in Gender Equity awards in 2022 and won a certificate as a desired place to work for Carers by Carers Queensland? Your Hart 2 Hart offer a flexible, supportive and broad staff profile that is growing and is designed to meet your needs and goals.

Your Hart 2 Hart is disability services done differently and done better.

DOESNT WORK WITH:  Behaviours of concern

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  • Psychology
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  • ILO
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    We perform ILO Management
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Southport 4215

Benowa 4217

Broadbeach 4218

Advancetown 4211

Biggera Waters 4216

Coomera 4209

Alberton 4207

Australia Fair 4215

Merrimac 4226

Reedy Creek 4227

Guanaba 4210

Burleigh Heads 4220

Arundel 4214

Bilinga 4225

Elanora 4221

Werribee 3030

Chadstone 3148

Dandenong 3175

Doncaster 3108

Fitzroy 3065

Belgrave 3160

Reservoir 3073

Campbellfield 3061

Essendon 3040

St Albans 3021

Sunshine 3020

Laverton 3028

Cranbourne 3977

Ringwood 3134

Pakenham 3810

Bentleigh East 3165

Craigieburn 3064

Craigieburn 3064
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5 9 reviews
Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Amazing Support with Funding
Average: 5 (1 vote)

I hired the service to support me in all my requirements for life, filling out forms, or anything I need with my disability. They do everything they can to help me to life a normal life. They help me to get a job, calling agencies, calling people to my house to help to support me. She does not over-pressure me because she knows about my disabilities. I would like to be with this organisation for the rest of my life if I could. They are like a family to me. My worker is the best worker for me. I would love to do more but am limited by funding. 

Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Amazing Care
Average: 5 (1 vote)

I used this service for my great nephew. They did so much for my him, they gave him respite care, helped him with his sporting activities and psychiatrist. They organised a camp for him too. They also helped out with transport and a support person. There’s nothing we’ve asked for they haven’t been able to do. I can’t think of anything they can improve on. They’ve been prompt and gotten straight back to me when I’ve called, and occasionally check up on how things are going which I really appreciate. They give 120%.


Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Personal Commitment to Clients
Average: 5 (1 vote)

They were recommended by my best friend. I had a bad experience with another organisation. Within 2 weeks of signing up with them, things were put in place. On the first visit to me, a couple of days later I had my house cleaner come. She also organised my gardening and to get some rubbish removed from my backyard. They offered to come and support me the first time I had a dietician appointment. She’s put in requests to my plan manager for other things I need. All of these things were organised on the first appointment. I’d give her 12 out of 10 if I could. They are also lovely to talk to and I would recommend them to anyone who’s having difficulty with their provider. She’s happy to travel to me and she rings and calls me and is in constant contact with me and makes sure I’m in the loop.


Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Offer anything and everything
Average: 5 (1 vote)

They’re my NDIS coordinators, they find services and give various options to choose from. They offer me things like physio, OT, podiatry, and taking me to appointments. They’re very approachable, polite and available anytime. I recently had an appointment with one of the partnerships, and are extremely caring and will provide whatever I need. They’re always a phone call away. The biggest thing is they save me the hassle of running around and trying to access sections of the community I’m unable to with my NDIS. And also, they also accompany to my review appointments, and are just very friendly and treat me with respect. They’re just amazing, I’m so glad to be able to give them good feedback.

Support Coordinator
Verified visit
They truly do things from the heart!
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Both Greg and Kerrie from Hart to Hart have been a wonderful resource for me.  They are both extremely knowledgeable about what services could be offered to my son through his NDIS plan and funds.

They are always on time for appointments, thoughtful on how they approach their clients and have a real willingness to help parents and their kids achieve their goals.

They don't just 'dump' you off to a service and leave you to fend for yourself like I have experienced in the past.  They step you through each process, check in with you on a regular basis and provide an individual/personalised service.  Something I am not used to!

They have a wonderful support team who go above and beyond what you would normally expect from a provider. Without their assistance, guidance, encouragement and support I would have been an absolute basket case! They truly do things from the heart!




Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Very efficient and we highly recommend them
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Hi we have found Hart to Hart to be very efficient, friendly and simply terrific.

Kerri just gets things done and we would absolutely recoomend. Nothing is too much for them!

Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Wonderful service
Average: 5 (1 vote)

We love Kerry and Greg - they are both so helpful and can't do enough. They are both wonderful people. We have been so lucky to find them and we would recommend then to anyone.

Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Average: 5 (1 vote)

They are very useful. They do things straight away. I will definately keep using them. They are great!

Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Average: 5 (1 vote)

The service is very professional, very punctual, they always have information at their hand, they're very knowledgeable and they also have lots of contacts that help set up my health and welfare. They are very approachable and a great service.