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What we do

Yooralla provides a wide range of tailored, flexible and quality services for people with disability of all ages and needs, as well as carers.

Support Coordination

Yooralla’s Support Coordination service links adults and children with disability with the right providers to meet their needs. We support you to understand and implement your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. Our multidisciplinary approach means we provide assistance to source providers, coordinate a range of supports, build on informal supports, resolve points of crisis, and develop resilience in your own network and community. Our team is comprised of people with extensive disability services training.

Assistance with Daily Living

We provide Assistance with Daily Living for children and adults with disability. We provide one-on-one support, seven days a week, assisting you to live the life you choose. This can cover anything – getting ready for your day, household chores, food preparation, getting out and about in the community, enjoying social activities, getting to work or an appointment.

Community Hubs and Supports

Yooralla’s Community Hubs and Supports provides day services to young people and adults with disability to support a range of lifestyle skills and to promote choice and independence. Support is planned to complement your existing informal supports – such as family and friends – and to maximise your community participation opportunities.

Specialist Children’s Supports

Yooralla provides specialist therapies and interventions for children with developmental delay or disabilities, recognising the importance of early intervention in building a child’s functional capacity. Our team includes a range of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, early childhood teachers, nurses and psychologists, who all work with children and their families across a range of settings.


Yooralla’s Therapy services supports adults and children with disability to improve communication or increase mobility and engagement in everyday activities. Our flexible and qualified team of therapists provide you with support across a range of therapies including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and psychology.

Life Skills

Yooralla supports you to build everyday life skills. By focusing on your own specific goals, we can support you to master the skills you need to achieve greater independence, confidence and control. Our training focuses on practical skills that you can use immediately and in the future, from handling money to travel training, meal preparation, personal presentation, independent living skills or literacy and numeracy.

Yooralla specialises in providing Recreation services to people of all ages and disabilities. Activities can be fun, adventurous or relaxing; they can be group activities or they can support individual goals and pursuits; they may be day activities, a weekend camp, a week away or even longer.

Job Skills and Employment Pathways

Yooralla supports people with disability to pursue their employment goals by providing job skills training and building employment pathways into supported and open employment. If you have an employment related goal Yooralla can support you to develop a plan that builds your capacity to gain meaningful work and earn a wage.

Positive Behaviour Support

Yooralla specialises in providing support to children and adults with disability displaying behaviour of concern. Built on an evidence-based approach, our Positive Behaviour Supports focus on increasing a person’s quality of life and decreasing the frequency and severity of their behaviour of concern.


Yooralla provides tailored short-term accommodation experiences and the chance to take a break from the daily routine. We can provide support in your own home, or in our purpose built short-term accommodation. With options for all ages, all our accommodation is fully accessible, fitted with appropriate assistive technologies and supported by highly trained and qualified staff. We can support people with complex health requirements and your health and safety is our highest priority.

Communication and Assistive Technology

Yooralla’s Communication and Assistive Technology team provides services that can enhance lifestyle, independence and communication ability by providing information about, and access to, assistive technologies and equipment. We support people with disability and the aged, their families and carers.


Yooralla provides many supported independent living options for people with disability, from group style houses to individual accommodation in self-contained flats. With a strong commitment to customer wellbeing and safeguards, we can support you with daily personal activities and participation in community life.

Contact us

For further information on Yooralla’s services, please contact us:

Phone:   03 9666 4500

Email:     yooralla@yooralla.com.au


Melbourne 3000, VIC (Head Office)

Level 14, 595 Collins St
VIC 3000