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What we do

Hellow and Welcome to XRHealth!

XRHealth is a healthcare clinic unlike any other.

It may sound like science fiction, but the way that XR Health delivers physiotherapy and psychology is out of this world! They enhance their teletherapy sessions with the use of Virtual Reality.

How can Virtual Reality improve my therapy?

Using a Virtual Reality (VR) technology headset, our clinicians are able to more easily keep patients engaged when delivering therapy using teletherapy. 

The VR headset uses gamification and biofeedback to create and develop tailored plans specific to your goals and needs.

How does it work?

We’ll send you a virtual reality headset that you can wear for part of your session with one of our physiotherapists.

You can also use this headset to do your exercises in between sessions. Since this is more like playing a game than doing physio exercises, the results are exponential!

No need for a therapy assistant or support workers to make sure you keep those exercises up! Of course, you can choose not to use a headset if you wish.

Our experienced physiotherapists and psychologists will help you to achieve your goals, using this revolutionary and innovative technology to make your sessions enjoyable and engaging.

For psychology you can choose between traditional telehealth appointments, or try out virtual reality to enhance your sessions: we have a number of applications created especially for meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.

When you use the headset to meet with your physio online, and as you move your body, your physio will see your movement.

The XRHealth mobile app then measures your progress as you complete your exercises and treatments at home.

Who does VR Therapy Suit?

Physiotherapy using a Virtual Reality headset can suit anyone, however it has proven especially beneficial for young people with ADHD or ASD or participants that live remotely.

Parents tell us that the physio is able their child more engaged and motivated because each session is more like playing a game than therapy! They are also able to get them to do their exercises between sessions more easily.

No more Travel - Since VR therapy is delivered online, this option is especially suited to participants outside of metro areas.

Don't be paying 1 hour of travel for every hour of therapy!! (Yes this really does happen)

Note: VR and Telehealth available to participants over the age of 10, Telehealth only for 5-10yr olds 

Reporting for Plan Reviews

No need to pay 2-4 hours for a physiotherapy report when approaching a plan review. XR Health provides detailed NDIS review and progress reports, as well as detailed discharge summaries using the information collected by the VR headset.

How can I try this for myself of son/daughter?

Ask us for a free demo today! 

How much does it cost?

XR Charges BELOW NDIS rates...Check them out...


  • $150 for 50min (headsets used in between sessions)


  • 1st two sessions are 1 hour and $150 each
  • Follow up sessions are $125 for 45 mins

Note: headsets are free for clients taking weekly sessions, or $135/month for less than weekly sessions