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VBreathe Air Purifier + Detoxifier


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Hello and Welcome to VBreathe!

About VBreathe 

VBreathe Tasman is a portable indoor air purifier and detoxifier. VBreathe Tasman uses two types of protection from airborne viruses, mould, allergens and bacteria.

How It Works

The Tasman actively detoxifies the air through the controlled evaporation of the VActive Gel, composed of Australian essential oils. These oils are released into the air as microscopic vapours which trap airborne pathogens, deactivating them so they cannot multiply. This process continuously neutralises airborne pathogens as they travel through the air, giving people and surfaces (more) immediate protection from harmful airborne pathogens and toxins. VBreathe Tasman combines this active air detoxification process with a medical grade HEPA filter which removes particles and bacteria from the air as it passes through the device. VBreathe Tasman has been independently tested and proven to be effective at reducing airborne mould, bacteria, viruses and toxins.


Sydney 2000, NSW (Head Office)

NSW 2000

Adelaide 5000, SA

SA 5000

Brisbane Adelaide Street 4000, QLD

Brisbane Adelaide Street
QLD 4000

Darwin 800, NT

NT 800

Hobart 7000, TAS

TAS 7000

Melbourne 3000, VIC

VIC 3000

Perth 6000, WA

WA 6000