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The Mobile Sports Physio


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What we do

Hello and Welcome to The Mobile Sports Physio!

At The Mobile Sports Physio we believe that everybody is an athlete, no matter how old or what condition you might have! Our Physios are experienced in providing care to people with disabiltiies and we can guarantee to help you improve your chronic pain, mobility, balance and endurance so that you can get back to doing what you love.

What services do we offer?

  • Hands on therapy such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations and active stretching techniques
  • A deatiled assessment of your current abilities and limitations
  • An individualised exercise program addressing strength (and power), flexibility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness
  • Gross motor skill training- throwing, shooting a basketball, marking a footy, kicking a soccer ball, climbing on the monkey bars


Who can benefit from our services?
Anyone who is currently struggling with pain or limited mobility and wants to achieve more! We currently work with people who have the following conditions:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • MS
  • Hip and Knee Replacements
  • Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Age - related muscle weakness
  • High falls risk


What makes us different?
Our physios are passionate about making a difference in your life and draw on years of experience to improve the functioning of your body. We use the exact same principles to treat athletes as we do those with disabilties. This means that we can maximise your rehabilitation to a greater extent than most other physios. 


Where do we work:
We service many suburbs throughout Greater Melbourne and can deliver physiotherapy in your home or in a nearby park. Our head physio, Mitch also works in a Clinic located in the heart of Camberwell.






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I highly recommend Mitch. I had injuries to both my knees at the same time. I couldn’t stand or even walk for about 2 months. With Mitch’s guidance and perseverance, I’m not only walking again, I’m running and doing yoga. Mitch gave me at home exercises to do in addition to my gym workout. I’m sure without his expertise I wouldn’t have recovered like I have.

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After seeing many chiropractors and physios in the past for my back and neck with no success, to my suprise Mitchell actually helped! For the first time in my adult life the pain has started to improve as has my mobility, I can't recommend him highly enough, the guy works wonders! 

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I started working with Mitch at the beginning of last year when I had lower back pain. Mitch organised a programme to meet my needs. The programme included warm ups, yoga stretches and weight based exercises. As I became stronger my weight based exercises increased in weight. Well done Mitch for believing in me. I totally recommend you!

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Saw Mitch for shoulder pain on my left side that persisted for months that rendered me incompetent to complete a single pushup without pain and unnatural movement. Within a session he hammered away at my whole left side and continuously checked my progress which found me completing 5, 10, 20 reps all within the space of half an hour. Gave me advice on some added strength training, stretches and modifications for muscle groups to focus on moving forward. He has also followed up with me to keep me on top of it.
I’d highly recommend Mitch for any type of sports related injury.

Sandringham 3191, VIC (Head Office)

3/165 Bay Road
VIC 3191

Abbotsford 3067, VIC

VIC 3067

Altona 3018, VIC

VIC 3018

Balwyn 3103, VIC

VIC 3103

Belgrave 3160, VIC

VIC 3160

Boronia 3155, VIC

VIC 3155

Brighton 3186, VIC

VIC 3186

Bulleen 3105, VIC

VIC 3105

Camberwell 3124, VIC

VIC 3124

Coburg 3058, VIC

VIC 3058

Elwood 3184, VIC

VIC 3184

Essendon 3040, VIC

VIC 3040

Heidelberg 3084, VIC

VIC 3084

Lysterfield 3156, VIC

VIC 3156

Manor Lakes 3024, VIC

Manor Lakes
VIC 3024

Mckinnon 3204, VIC

VIC 3204

Mentone 3194, VIC

VIC 3194

Moorabbin 3189, VIC

VIC 3189

Mooroolbark 3138, VIC

VIC 3138

Olinda 3788, VIC

VIC 3788

Point Cook 3030, VIC

Point Cook
VIC 3030

Ringwood North 3134, VIC

Ringwood North
VIC 3134

Southbank 3006, VIC

VIC 3006

Tarneit 3029, VIC

VIC 3029

Truganina 3029, VIC

VIC 3029

Vermont 3133, VIC

VIC 3133

Werribee 3030, VIC

VIC 3030

Wheelers Hill 3150, VIC

Wheelers Hill
VIC 3150