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Super Quality Community Services (SQCS) are committed to ensure all their clients, employees and the community at large are safe and healthy. What COVID-19-Safe is about (UPDATES WITH VICTORIA)The COVID-19-Safe app helps state of Victoria health officials to quickly identify and contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19 (called ‘close contacts’). Without the help of technology, finding close contacts relies on people: • being able to recall everyone they have been in close contact with • knowing their contact details In many cases, people will not know the names and contact details of everyone they have been in close contact with (for example, on public transport). COVID-19-Safe uses technology to make this process faster and more accurate. The State Victoria health officials can only access app information if someone tests positive and agrees to the information in their phone being uploaded. The health officials can only use the app information to help alert those who may need to quarantine or get tested. The COVID-19-Safe app is the only contact app approved by the Australian Government. How COVID-19-Safe works You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You register to use the app by entering: • a name (which can be a pseudonym) • age range • mobile number • postcode You will receive a confirmation text message to complete the installation. Based on this information, COVID-19-Safe generates an encrypted reference code for the app on that phone. At SQCS • At super quality community service, it is MANDATORY to all staff and participants to ware face masks. • All staff at SQCS Must use SINERTIZERS and wash hands at all times. • All staff at SQCS must Help our participant with hygiene in and out of homes. • Staff Must ware face mask and make sure to remind Participant to wear masks when going out and about. • Staff and participant must maintain social distancing while in the house and public places. • staff and participant will be UPDATED with the right information from the government. • Doing a follow-up with staff and clients in case they are unwell and need to see a doctor • Encourage testing to staff and clients • To follow isolation/stay at home instruction in case of positive COVID test.
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What we do

Super Quality Community Services is proudly run by Anne Muhini and her team. Anne has over 11 years of experience working with both children (aged 6 upwards) and adults with challenging behaviours. She is seen as a miracle worker by parents and carers, taking on the challenges that most would not.

Anne had deep experience with participants with ASD and intellectual disabilities and has achieved outstanding results helping people with complex needs develop more independence and skills.

Services include:

  • Short -term and medium - term accommodation (in Cranbourne)
  • Early childhood intervention services
  • 1.1 respite care
  • Behavior support intervention
  • Behavior support in the community
  • Indoor and outdoor social activities and community access participation
  • Personal Care assistance
  • Household Tasks assistance
  • Activities of daily living
  • Hospital care Respite
  • Private Transport 
  • Public Transport Travel Companionship
  • Health & Well being appointment Companionship

Cranbourne East 3977, VIC (Head Office)

88 Parkhurst Drive
Cranbourne East
VIC 3977

Dandenong 3175, VIC

VIC 3175

Frankston 3199, VIC

VIC 3199

Narre Warren 3805, VIC

Narre Warren
VIC 3805

Pakenham 3810, VIC

VIC 3810