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Various locations across NSW

What we do

Social Detectives runs evidence based programs that support children and teens with social and emotional difficulties including but not limited to, developmental disorders (ASD), ADHD, anxiety and anger.

Social Detectives' philosophy rides on the proverb "it takes a village to raise a child". They believe it takes an entire community of people to interact with children and teens in order for them to experience and grow in a safe environment.

This relates even more strongly to individuals who have a unique set of strengths and skills in so many areas, but find the social and emotional world a little confusing and overwhelming.

Katerina prides herself on running group programs that empower individuals to be the best and most confident version of themselves by teaching them the tools to improve resilience, emotion regulation, social interaction/relationships and conflict resolution skills.

As a result, these tools improve social inclusion and community participation which, in turn, improves emotional well-being making for happier and more successful children and teens.

Social Detectives purely focuses on running evidence based programs that are fun, interactive and multi-disciplinary so that participants are given the opportunity to learn and grow into the best version of themselves. Social Detectives believes that by practicing skills with like minded peers, participants will build the foundations they need to feel safe and comfortable in all aspects of life. In their work, Social Detectives recognises that everyone is unique, and are experts in their own lives, and she believes by individually tailoring treatment programs through the eyes of the client, she can support individuals in living happier and more fulfilling lives.  

Social Detectives offers:

  • Children's Program
  • Teen Program (13-17yrs)
  • Young Adults Program (18-25yrs)
  • Boot Camp (2 day camps)


Maroubra 2035, NSW (Head Office)

Suite 3, Level 2
806-812 Anzac Parade
NSW 2035