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Espionage, Technology and Fun! Empowering children to crack the code of emotions and friendship to reach their full potential.

Secret Agent Society (SAS) provides a three-tiered evidence-based solution to support children with social-emotional challenges.

The goal of SAS is to empower children with the skills and confidence they need to:

  • stay calm
  • make and keep friends
  • work in teams
  • solve problems
  • prevent and manage bullying and teasing
  • achieve their individual goals

Evidence Based

Through engaging award-winning spy-themed resources and an animated ‘secret agent’ computer game, SAS provides strategies to teach anxiety, anger management and social skills to children aged 8-12 years old.  

SAS is a trailblaser. The first trial returned the most clinically significant change published internationally for a social skills program for children with autism; a title still held today. SAS interventions have helped more than 15,000 children. Multiple research trials also attest to SAS’s effectiveness for those with other conditions, and for typically developing children. Find out more.

SAS program materials, activities and sessions also enable adults to support children, in applying social-emotional skills that they learn from the curriculum, into daily life. The evidence-base structured curriculum, captivating theme and in-built adult support network, makes this program one of the most successful of its kind in the world.

By using SAS Stand-Alone Resources, or participating in a professionally delivered SAS Small Group Program or SAS Whole-of-Class, junior detectives who graduate from SAS are equipped with the skills to feel happier, calmer and braver

Disability Area of Interest

St Lucia 4067, QLD (Head Office)

PO Box 6068
St Lucia
QLD 4067