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RMC Plan Managers

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What we do

RMC Plan Managers can help alleviate the stress and confusion around the NDIS and help steer you in the right direction to ensure the NDIS works for you and you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Us?

  1. RMC Plan Managers is a specialist plan management organisation. That means that the only service we provide is plan management solutions to our clients. This ensures that we focus all our time and resources in assisting participants in reaching their goals and targets.
  2. Plan Managers operator is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with over 8 years’ experience in accounting and finance. This means that your paperwork and compliance is in safe hands.
  3. RMC Plan Managers have been a registered NDIS provider for over two years now, which means we have a great understanding of the NDIS and work with a number of different service providers. We have an in depth knowledge of NDIS policies and procedures and can assist participants with any problems or issues they have with their plan.

Our Services

1. Financial intermediary monthly processing - ongoing maintenance of the financial management arrangements for managing of funding of supports.

2. Plan Management activities - Setting up and undertaking regular liaison with providers and monitoring support provision.

3. Record keeping - Ensuring that the mandatory record keeping compliance is being maintained.

4. Payment to NDIS registered and NON NDIS registered providers. This ensures that patients never have to spend their own money on services and wait to be reimburesed by the NDIS. This also ensures that patients are free to choose both NDIS registered and NON NDIS registered service providers, which gives them a greater choice of providers.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact Raheel Chaudhry on 0433 214 050 for a confidential discussion.

Newington 2127, NSW (Head Office)

10/1 Heidelberg Avenue
NSW 2127
Office Hours: 9am - 6pm



Average: 5 (1 vote)

We would like to express our appreciation and give Raheel a big thankyou for coming to our home in The Blue Mountains from Sydney to explain properly everything about how to navigate through the NDIS. He was very understanding and patient. When he say good bye we knew this is a plan manager that cares very much about his clients!