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Parability Paragliding Australia


Various locations across NSW

What we do

Parability Paragliding Aust is a non-for profit organisation responsible for the development, promotion and delivery of Tandem Paragliding Adventures for people that are in Wheelchairs. 

This initiative was formed by a group of Australian Paragliding pilots that felt a need to be able to share our experiences of free flight through the ability to be able to take wheel chaired people (wheelies) on the same adventures through a specialised ability chair that enables the joy of tandem flights.

Parability Paragliding focuses around changing peoples’ perception of disability and their attitudes toward disabled people. Disability awareness, education and advice play key roles in Parability Paragliding aims and objectives, as does the development of specialist equipment, and future training. Parability Paragliding strives to motivate disabled people to become involved in the sport of paragliding.
“Sport is a powerful rehabilitation tool for those who have suffered catastrophic injury, and a strong integrating force for those with a disability living in a predominately able bodied society. For many individuals, participation in wheelchair sport is also an important pathway to social connection or re-joining the community following a catastrophic injury, for forming friendships and increasing confidence, social skills and education, along with overall motivation, determination and courage.”

Our organisation is purely volunteer based, and our tandem pilots have the right endorsements, equipment and vast experience to enable us to offer this first Australian initiative giving Wheelies the joy of flight through Paragliding.

Impossible is not a word that Parability Paragliding Australia understands. If you really want to… you can fly!

So if you feel you want to take the next step please email us and we can discuss your needs.

Newcastle 2300, NSW (Head Office)

NSW 2300