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What we do

Nursing Services across Sydney

myNurse is an in-home community nursing service that services the Sydney Suburbs.

We have a team of highly skilled Registered Nurses who are competent to carry out a range of nursing procedures.

Training for You, Carers or Support Workers

Our nurses are able to train you or your family members, carers and support workers to perform regular tasks and educate them about the key signs to look out for to prevent injury, illness and wounds like pressure wounds.

Our mission is to educate our clients and their support network to learn the skills necessary to live an independent life free from traditional health care systems.

Get to Know Us

To support our clients through their journey we understand that consistency is key. myNurse will provide you with a small team of nurses who will support you through your journey.

Our range of nursing services include:

  • Training and Education of Support Workers and Carers
  • Education in the prevention of pressure wounds and other potential injuries
  • Wound dressings
  • Catheter care & management
  • PEG management/PEG training
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Medication management including administering injections
  • Post operative care at home
  • Wound swab collection
  • Collection of urine and stool samples
  • Nursing assessments (not continence assessments)

Bondi 2026, NSW

NSW 2026

North Sydney 2060, NSW

North Sydney
NSW 2060

Randwick 2031, NSW

NSW 2031

Sydney 2000, NSW (Head Office)

NSW 2000