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Various locations across NSW
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In home care with respect and dignity assisting Aged and NDIS clients in all levels of care incl stroke, dementia, parkinson's, frailty. 

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Killarney Heights 2087, NSW (Head Office)

8 Leinster Avenue
Killarney Heights
NSW 2087


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After suffering from an aneurism 4 years ago and not being able to walk at all, Janet has brought me back to life. She has helped me regain my mobility so that I am only using stick now. She has helped me to achieve so many other things too. She is such a special person and I would recommend her to anyone!

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Janet first became a carer for my mother, in Aug 2017. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers in Jan 2016. At this point, my sister and I were concerned that mum was not eating properly as we would find food items in the fridge that had long past their 'use by' date. Janet happened to be a neighbour of my sister in Killarney Heights.
Janet has taken on tasks such as helping mum go grocery shopping, preparing meals and house work (vacuuming, cleaning bathroom, kitchen, etc). She would also take mum for outings such as Narrabeen or Manly for coffee and cake. As my sister withdrew from all contact with mum, I relied more on Janet for help. She would take mum for medical appointments, arrange hair cuts and podiatrists. When I learnt that Janet has a dog, Ruby, I asked that she include Ruby in mum's life which mum loved. 
Sometimes I would ask Janet to assist in obtaining medication from the pharmacist at short notice, which she was always happy to do.
There are so many things I'm really proud of what Janet did. She would often do things beyond what was asked such as taking large piles of mum's clothes home to wash as mum wouldn't allow it at her place. She didn't claim for this. I really appreciated the very detailed feed back she gave, often daily about how the visits went. She would give both good and bad things. 
Janet would constantly suggest things that could assist mum or improve her quality of life. Things like a dementia clock, scrabble with 'special' rules, assisting with good organisations like CCNB to administer mum's HCP. She was always looking out for mum's health such as a toe nail infection from incorrect application of toe nail polish.
And she was also a great person for moral support. I knew that she was ok for me to contact her if I was having any concerns myself and she regularly asked about my well being too. She also has a terrific sense of humour and amazing amount of patience.
In short, she has been the only person I can honestly say has genuinely cared for and treated my mother as well as I have. I'm aware that she has a number of other clients in addition to my mother.
My mother is currently in Northern Beaches hospital being well looked after, but is unlikely to be allowed to return to her home. Sadly, I don't think mum will have Janet and Ruby as part of her daily life into the future.