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Various locations across VIC
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What we do

Short-Term Accommodation (STA)

We provide short term accommodation and residential care to disabled individuals who seek an independent place to live but require some physical or equipment support as well. We assign caregivers/ social workers according to our customers’ needs and requirements who share similar beliefs and positive energy. We arrange your requirements before your arrival.

Respite accommodation services

Our respite accommodation services include both respites at home and away from home to encourage and promote the mental and physical well-being of the caregivers as well. This provides temporary relief to caregivers in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Respite accommodation means you get a complete break from your demands and responsibilities of a caregiver.

In-home support

Our teams of caregivers are passionate and carry good energy while staying professional and dedicated to the assigned job. We can send you In-home support for disabled or mentally challenged individuals for the required days. Our staff members are active and capable social workers and well versed in medical terms.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Through our supported independent living service we help and supervise challenged individuals to learn and develop skills required to live independently as far as possible with minimum struggles and occasional support. These skills include any task as minor as a daily routine. Our focus is on individually centered skills in a shared living environment.

Long term accommodation

We provide long term accommodation service which is fully tailored according to our client’s needs and requirements. The accommodation also includes residential care and positive behavior support services for our clients. We encourage our clients to take part in community participation and master skills to live an independent and successful life.

Community Participation

Our community participation services support initiatives that create opportunities for physically and mentally challenged people to participate in the community through social, educational, artistic, recreational, or volunteer-based activities.

Supported living accommodation

We provide supported living accommodation to all eligible individuals according to the NDIS approved plan. The supported living accommodation may include any and all physical and equipment support our client may require or need. The service is designed in a manner that our clients can live an independent life’s and explore opportunities.

Active night support and sleepovers

We provide professional and certified caregivers for night-time care and check-in of the required person. Our staff can stay active and vigilant of every need and care throughout the night. Our staff is trained to efficiently handle situations and follow the guidance provided by you.

Support Coordination

Our service team will support and assist you to build the skills you need to understand, implement and use your plan. A support coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently and be included in your community.

Disability Specialities

Cranbourne West 3977, VIC (Head Office)

Cranbourne West
VIC 3977

Clyde 3978, VIC

VIC 3978

Pakenham 3810, VIC

VIC 3810

Traralgon 3844, VIC

VIC 3844