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Jewel Support Services

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Gender: Male, Female
Languages: Swahili
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High Support Level
Handles Complex Cases

What we do

Continence management, Peg feeds, Urinary catheterization male / female

Self-care, social and recreational support
We assist with activities such as; - Dressing, Toilet, showering, and grooming, oral hygiene, medications directed, meal preparation and feeding, grocery shopping, accompanying to medical appointments, general observations and lots more...

Household Cleaning and yard maintenance services
general indoor and outdoor cleaning, Lawn mowing, Watering plants, Laundry & Ironing, Dishwashing, Bed making, Bin collection, Changing linen and towels, Vacuuming & sweeping the floors and General household duties and etc.

Canberra 2902, ACT (Head Office)

10 Chirnside Circuit
ACT 2902

Queanbeyan 2620, NSW

NSW 2620