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What we do

Our Vision

... is a society where everyone’s potential is realised and where we thrive amongst people who love and care about us. Our role is to develop people’s capacity for self-direction; to model imaginative and exciting possibilities and to celebrate lived experience.

Creating personalised solutions means people with disability will move from being passive recipients of ‘one size fits all’ care to ‘partners’, ‘creators’ and ‘drivers’ of solutions.

To grasp this opportunity they will need to become engaged in the design and delivery of their own support arrangements, and become equipped to choose and direct the services they receive. This approach – called a self-directed approach – requires a radical change in mindset, role and responsibilities.

Our Mission

... is to work with people to grasp the opportunity of self-direction. We do this by creating products, services and partnerships that make self-direction attractive and entirely possible to sustain into the longer term. 

InCharge works with people to think about their life and what they want for themselves. We offer an alternative approach, tackling old problems in new ways and offering services that are unique. We offer participants an opportunity to directly invest in their own capacity.

We are a Purpose Driven Business

Our team are individuals with disability, family members, friends and associates with direct and extended experience with what it takes to be in charge!

We provide learning opportunities, programs and assistance for people with disabilities and their families. 

We work with services that share our vision in the transforamative opportunity of the NDIS.

Meet Libby Ellis.

Libby EllisFounder of InCharge.
My vision is to bring a personalised, heart understanding of what it takes to be in charge.

I have walked many steps with my brother, Matthew, and for 20 years have also assisted others take front and centre stage in their own lives.

There is a moment now in Australia when people’s long held desires are merging with supportive changes in policy and funding.

What I bring are the experiences, lessons, successes and failures in self-direction of an extended period of time. I understand what makes self-direction an exciting and rewarding endeavour, able to be sustained over time and over generations.

Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782 (Head Office)

122 Henderson Road
Wentworth Falls
NSW 2782