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Hello and welcome to Curious Minds!!

Who are we?

Hi! I'm Nada, proud captain at the helm of Curious Minds. I have a strong background working with children - especially in the domain of mental health and challenging behaviours. I am also a liscenced counsellor 

Our goals as an organisation are:

  • To honour your uniqueness and have a goal of working to offer up a tailored program to meet your needs specifically 
  • To help you feel successful - that varies for each and every person that we work with. We can communicate to you about that :) 
  • To help you work through a complex situation without adding to the burden or making it feel harder that it has to be. 
  • To make your thoughts and ideas a priority. 
  • To help increase your independence.
  • To help you develop tools, find solutions and feel mentally and emotionally stronger. 
  • To make sure you feel understood and supported. 
  • To have FUN with you!!! :) 

What do we do?

We offer 3 different supports - please read through and see which one suits best suits you: 

  • Support Workers
    • F​ocused more on the mental and emotional aspect of a Disability
    • This is a Capacity Building Service that you can access through your CB Daily funding!
    • We help with employment and job support, as well as other support work things like Mentoring and skill building :)
    • This is available in person support only in Gungahlin, ACT
    • All other locations we are able to provide companionship/mentoring and friend building online via zoom. 
    • Have a beahviour support plan? We can work with you to implement the plan as one of your trusted support providers
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coach
    • This is a Capacity Building Service
    • Recovery coaches are like support coordinators that specialise in psychosocial disabilities
    • You can engage a recovery coach to help you piece together all the supports you need to lead a full and independent life
  • Mental Health Services (Telehealth/Phone)
    • This is a Capacity Building Service
    • Think of us like a mental health Guru or life coach; we are here to listen, learn and provide practical advice and supports to work through those challenhging mental states, mood swings and behaviours

Oh and don't forget...

You have choice and control and we 100% respect and uphold your agency.
In your corner - cheering for you, with you. 

ALL my services can be delviered via telehealth - In fact, many of them are designed for online delivery so that you get the very best experience, no matter where you are in the world :)

Gungahlin 2912, ACT (Head Office)
ACT 2912

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