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Healing Minds Psychology

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Works with Children

What we do

Healing Minds Psychology are a psychological service providing assessment, treatment and counselling to individuals across all ages.

We strive to provide an affordable and convenient, yet high standard of service, so that every individual has the opportunity to access support for their mental wellbeing, their family or their relationships.

Here at Healing Minds Psychology, we envisage a community where individuals are noticed for their strengths and resilience rather than their struggles and difficulties. At Healing Minds Psychology, we promote a strengths based approach in our work, along with helping individuals to rebuild and enhance their relationships and families.

We aim to provide a comfortable setting for individuals, so they can focus on improving their mental fitness, just like one would visit a doctor to encourage good physical health. We also aim to promote better awareness of oneself, and help individuals to develop strategies to help them face everyday challenges.

Art therapy

Mindfulness based art therapy uses a combination of creative activities and mindfulness exercises designed to foster emotional expression, decrease levels of stress and anxiety and promote self awareness and understanding.

  • No artistic experience required
  • All art materials provided
  • Suitable for both adults and adolescents
  • Facilitated by a Psychologist with specialised training in art theray

$50 per session

Glenroy 3046, VIC (Head Office)

165 Hilton St
VIC 3046
Accessible Toilet
Free Parking
Wheelchair Access

West Melbourne 3003, VIC

67 Rosslyn St
West Melbourne
VIC 3003
Office Hours: 0900 - 1900 Monday to Friday
Accessible Toilet
Free Parking