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AUSLAN, Arabic, Hindi, Punjab, Urdu
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LGBTQIA+ Friendly
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Hello and Welcome to Envision Healthcare!

Who We Are.

Envision healthcare appreciates and respects the desire of every Human to live the life their own way. At Envision healthcare our main aim is to provide our clients with the quality care they need. We offer personalized services to our participants so that they can respond to challenges they face in their day-to-day lives. We understand the unique requirements of our patients and are on-hand to provide dedicated home-care services. Activities and projects in local societies are an indispensable component in getting the best out of the participation, capacity, and inclusion of incapacitated people in society.

How We're Different.

Envision Healthcare has a vision for every member of the community to be valued and enriched through their life at all times. Our Staff is highly sought after as a result of our commitment to provide quality care, Professionalism, reliability, and prioritizing of our client's needs.As a support provider we help people with significant and permanent disability to achieve goals in their life by assisting in Community Participation, Household Tasks and many more. At Envision Care, we provide home care support services to families, to assist them through challenging times in their lives.

To take care of people with special needs, sensitivity is an essential trait that any good support worker or nurse must have. We put forth our best efforts to offer your loved ones the sort of compassion and support they need to lead their lives with comfort and independence.

What We Offer

  • Specialized support Coordinator Our expert support coordinators help you get most of your NDIS plan. The main role of support coordinator is to work with you to effectively utilize your funds to meet your goals.
  • Community Nursing Care  Our highly qualified nurses can provide you with assistance in general nursing care like , continence assessment and medication management in comfort of your home.
  • Enrolled Nurse  Our well qualified EN nurse can assist you in community. 
  • Therapeutic Services Envision Healthcare collaborates with other services like BT and OT. We can also assist you with therapeutic assistant according to your needs..  
  • Assist Personal Activities Our staff assists clients with showering, dressing, toileting, personal hygiene and grooming keeping client dignity and respect on priority. 
  • Social Support Assisting and transporting clients to special events, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinners, medical appointments, shopping and various social functions including visiting family & friends. 
  • Healthy eating Assisting clients in health eating and helping them by taking one step at a time. Our staff can assist you in creating a Meal plan for every week.
  • Community Participation Assisting participants to participate actively in community, social, training and civic activities; includes supporting participants during these activities and developing participants’ ability to partake in these activities.
  • Cleaning and Gardening Essential tasks that the participant is not able to undertake cleaning, house or garden maintenance, meal preparation, and delivery.
  • Assistance with Travel / Transportation Getting out and about is an important part of independent living. If you need to see a doctor, would like to catch a movie or even just visit a loved one or attend a family celebration, we can arrange the safe and comfortable transport you require.

Accommodation that’s perfect for you.

We look at what works for you, including where your friends and family live, what’s around your new neighborhood and if your new housemates are a good fit. Accessible and functional, with modifications and handles available if required. Close to local amenities, community services and public transport. Equipped with a shared computer and WIFI access. Supported by trained Envision Healthcare staff, including sleepover shifts and overnight assistance.

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) Supported Independent Living (SIL) is help or supervision with daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible, while building your skills. SIL is paid personal supports. It includes things like having a person to help with personal care tasks or cooking meals. SIL can help you build these skills too, so you can be more independent. SIL happens in your home. You can get SIL if you live in a home with other people. You can also get SIL if you live on your own, but there might be other Personal Care Supports that suit you better. 

  • Short term accommodation Short term accommodation, including respite, is funding for support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home. It covers the cost of your care in another place for up to 14 days at a time. You might have a short stay with other people, or by yourself. It’s often funded when your usual careers aren’t available, or for you to try new things.

  • Medium term accommodation Medium term accommodation gives you somewhere to live while you are waiting for a long term housing solution. We only fund it if you’re waiting for your disability related supports and have a confirmed long term housing solution. We usually fund Medium term accommodation for up to 90 days

Envision Healthcare have a team of Multicultural background support workers who are adaptive to client needs, including being responsive and meeting your cultural and linguistic needs. With our home care solutions, we promote integrity, respect and dignity. You are not just another client for us, rather you are an individual with a different personality, interests and dreams.

Our friendly team will be more then happy to assist you today.

Williams Landing 3027, VIC (Head Office)
55 williams landing blvd
Williams Landing
VIC 3027
Altona 3018, VIC
VIC 3018
Altona Meadows 3028, VIC
Altona Meadows
VIC 3028
Footscray 3011, VIC
VIC 3011
Geelong 3220, VIC
VIC 3220
Geelong West 3218, VIC
Geelong West
VIC 3218
Hoppers Crossing 3029, VIC
Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029
Laverton 3028, VIC
VIC 3028
Melbourne 3000, VIC
VIC 3000
Melton 3337, VIC
VIC 3337
Point Cook 3030, VIC
Point Cook
VIC 3030
Seabrook 3028, VIC
VIC 3028
St Kilda 3182, VIC
St Kilda
VIC 3182
Sunshine 3020, VIC
VIC 3020
Tarneit 3029, VIC
VIC 3029
Truganina 3029, VIC
VIC 3029
Werribee 3030, VIC
VIC 3030
Werribee South 3030, VIC
Werribee South
VIC 3030

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