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Brightside Healthcare is a Sydney-based disability support services provider. Focusing on intellectual, physical & sensory disabilities including mental health within the Greater Sydney region, we strive to assist our participants in leading an independent and fulfilling life.

At Brightside Healthcare we aim to improve the lives of Participants who have been affected by disability by providing services that best promote the continuation of daily life within the immediate & greater community.

Brightside Healthcare takes pride in every individual participant. Our top priority is you, the operation of Brightside Healthcare is dictated by your choice, needs, goals, and aspirations. We provide an environment that preserves your dignity and is safe, and free of discrimination so you are best positioned to journey through a life of your choosing.

Participant confidentiality is something we take very seriously. Strict procedures to safeguard your privacy are implemented into the core of Brightside Healthcare. It is imperative that our service is distinguishable, and thus we take pride in only employing the most highly trained staff who are dependable, responsible and empathetic towards every participant’s unique circumstance.

Services We Offer

Social & Community Services

Getting out and about to have fun & build skills for life!
If you’re looking for activities to do, we’ve got loads to offer.

Whether it is social groups, centre or community based activities and programs or personal individual supports, Brightside Healthcare will make sure you’re always happy, learning and building the best version of you.

At Brightside Healthcare, you can pick and choose programs based on your interests and hobbies, you can decide to learn a new set of skills to build independence or we can help you focus on individualised tasks you wish to grow confident in.

Support Coordination

A better life through tailored plans.

Support Coordination is designed to support participants and families to get the best outcomes from their NDIS Plan. The Brightside Healthcare Support Coordination team works in consultation with participants to effectively maximize the usage of their NDIS funding by advising them of the flexibility available within their plans and by connecting them to a reputable range of service providers based on individual needs and life goals.

Home Modifications

Brightside Healthcare is a registered Provider who is continually recommended by Occupational Therapists. Participant’s homes can in some cases be unsuitable for living with a lifelong disability, Brightside Healthcare’s Home Modification team identifies areas that are;


  • Unsafe to traverse over the course of daily living

  • Unsuitable given the disability of the participant

  • Inaccessible given physical limitations

  • Impractical given change in Participants wellbeing over their lifetime

The most common areas which are modified that allow a Participant to continue their daily living without impediment or to help facilitate a more comfortable standard of living include but are not limited to;

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bedrooms

  • Transition areas such as Hallways & Home Entry

  • Stairways between Ground and First floor

Short term Accommodation (Respite)

A home away from home

Brightside Healthcares' short term accommodation (STA/Respite) is a home away from home for people with disability. Supports are delivered by our qualified and friendly staff providing a multitude of activities in a safe and supportive environment where you can learn new skills, build your independence and interact with the ones closest to you.

 Medium term accommodation is also available at our STA’s for participants requiring accommodation for a longer or undetermined periods while transitioning into a more permanent home.

What is included in Short and Medium Term Accommodation?

Whether you are looking for short or medium stays, our fully accessible respite accommodation services provide the perfect environment for children, youth and adults with disability to enjoy a fun and relaxing stay while carers take a break from daily routines.

In Home Care

Brightside Healthcare’s In Home Care services are provided by our highly qualified and trained staff, we provide the experience and expertise of Brightside Healthcare direct to your home. Selecting from the various services listed below, Brightside Healthcare can tailor build an In Home Care Service package that best suits your needs.

  • Transport support

Assistance with physical activities.

  • Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping and delivery to your front door.

  • Home Cleaning

Assistance with home cleaning such as vacuuming, light dusting or unpacking groceries.

  • Skills for Life

Skills for Life activities to build independence such as Road Safety, Cooking, Literacy or Numeracy.



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  • Support Worker
Social, Health & Wellbeing
  • Family and Peer Support Groups
  • Social Programs & Activities
  • Respite/Short Term Accommodation
Home Maintenance
  • Handyperson & Repairs

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Spoke to Evan on the phone as i was searching for services as my son has a disability. He was extremely helpful and understanding, he offered alternative providers as he was ultimately unable to assist with my request.

Out of all the providers i rang that day, they definitely stood out enough to warrant a review, the only review i've made may i add.