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Make your own way, with Base Housing Collective: a new player reimagining supported independent living, empowered by Fighting Chance.

At Base, you’re free to live life on your own terms. To sleep in, rise and shine with the sun, invite your mates over, or head out for a bite. Staff and housemates feel like family. Connection to community and transparency are key.  Because everyone has the right to live a life of their own choosing —   Free  free from outdated rules and prejudices — our homes are designed to put people living with a disability at the centre of decision making, providing them with the foundations and support they need to make their own future


The Base Difference

Decades spent working alongside people living with disability has taught us that the old systems of housing for people with disability are institutionalised and broken. We know there is a better way to support people with disability to live independently, so we’ve gone ahead and created it.

At Base, we believe that everyone deserves the right to live an ordinary life in the community. In Supported Independent Living (SIL) settings, where housemates are choosing to live with friends and peers for a range of reasons, you can only achieve this by:

  • Treating employees and housemates as family;
  • Ensuring housemates can speak openly about their choices and pursue long-standing, equal relationships with housemates and staff alike;
  • Empowering everyone with a loud and powerful voice of their own; and
  • Creating an environment where, critically, decisions about how the house is run sit with those who live there, rather than the provider.

SIL / SDA   Supported Independent Living

As the SIL provider, the Base team collaborates with each house’s Facilitated Family Governance Committee – made up of family members, carers and/or participants – to ensure that true choice and control are prioritised for all housemates. Housemates and their families are the decision-makers in how their homes are run, while Base takes care of the day-to-day admin and logistics with transparency and trust.

Base is committed to housemates having choice and control over every aspect of their daily lives – and that means doing things differently. Because we believe that homes are meaningful. They’re the places where we all should have the freedom to express ourselves, be who we want to be, and have access to the support and amenities that make our lives better — that make our lives our own.



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  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)

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“It was my birthday
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“It was my birthday and we had agreed to just head to the house and have a simple pizza and ice cream dinner with Lili and her housemates. Word got out, and the whole family descended. Everyone had brought something to share. There weren’t enough chairs so we dragged in outside furniture and squeezed around the table. It was a night full of food, laughter, song, dance, and pure joy. The support staff stayed well beyond their shift, the housemates were late to bed and none of that mattered. I realised, sitting at that table, that our vision for Lili’s home had been realised, we had found her people and she was so happy living a great life.”