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Australian Health Professionals (AHP)  Disability & Home Care is a nationally registered service provider in the NDIS and HCP sectors. We are proud to be a one-stop solution for all allied health needs.

The AHP difference gives you the assurance that you will always receive a reliable, experienced and timely service. The AHP difference includes:

  • No waiting lists
  • Specialising in complex referrals
  • Multilingual clinicians (over 200 spoken languages)
  • Servicing rural and remote areas Industry knowledge




At AHP, our therapists have worked with children who have experienced trauma, have complex needs, developmental delays, or a disability. 

Children can benefit from speech therapy in the following ways:

  • Develop communication skills for everyday interactions, routines, and activities
  • To express thoughts, learn speech sounds, words, and sentences.
  • Understand the meaning of words and how to follow directions improve your social abilities
  • To aid communication, learn to recognise and use gestures, signs, and visuals.
  • Determine how to use technology to help in communication and how to do so.
  • To feel safe when swallowing
  • Identify unique eating and drinking challenges.



Assists children in understanding and working with their bodies to complete essential life skills and chores at home and school. Handwriting, cutting, tying shoelaces, self-care, concentration, attention, coordination, balance, and mobility are all core skills that can help your child get the most out of their learning environment.

  • Be more self-sufficient in personal care and daily activities
  • Improve engagement in daily activities such as mealtimes and playtime by developing self-care skills                                              
  • Develop handwriting and fine motor skills
  • Understand and manage sensory needs.
  • Have appropriate equipment, such as a wheelchair for daily activities




Our psychologists provide a secure and supportive atmosphere for children and their families to work through difficulties. Sessions with young children are frequently lighthearted and interactive. We can offer parents help and effective techniques.

Our child psychologists work with children from 0 to 7 years old who require assistance with; behavioural issues (Aggression, non-compliance, sibling conflict, and sleep), managing emotions, social skills, play skills, and Learning difficulties.

AHP’s Psychologists provide:

  • Assessments of physiology, cognition, development, and behaviour
  • Sessions for children and families
  • Programs for groups
  • Consultation, training and advice.
  • Groups for parents' education
  • If necessary, refer to other services.



AHP's team of skilled paediatric physiotherapists will collaborate with you to develop a strategy and set targets that will enable your kid to achieve their full potential.

AHP’s physiotherapists assist children with:

  • Reach gross motor milestones such as standing or jumping on their own.
  • Strengthening and coordination will allow them to play alongside their peers.
  • Improve your child's posture so that they can go about their everyday activities with ease.
  • Improve your child's physical fitness and endurance so that they can become physically independent.
  • Provide specialised equipment to aid their development and improve their physical function so that they can become self-sufficient members of society.



Exercise Physiologists work in a variety of settings including kindergartens, schools, and home settings.

AHP’s Exercise physiologist's assist children with:

  • Fitness evaluations. 
  • Strength training.
  • Conditioning.
  • Design of a community-based gym programme.
  • Transitioning into community-based initiatives.
  • Preventive education and long-term lifestyle management
  • Fitness, balancing, walking, and running re-education groups are examples of group activities.
  • Retraining in sport/recreational skill gain.



The body will feel better, and your child will be happy with the correct changes and a balanced diet. Maintaining a nutritious diet will help you regain balance into your child's life.

AHP’s dietitians assist children with:

  • Increase your child's dietary variety and nutrient intake.
  • Encourage your child's optimal growth and development.
  • Overcome food aversions and picky eating.
  • Create a positive relationship with eating.
  • Make mealtimes a positive experience.
  • Improve food-related gastrointestinal problems.



We recommend a Podiatry Assessment if your child is complaining of aching/tired legs and feet, growing pains, pain while playing sports, or difficulties walking.

AHP’s podiatrist's assist children with:

  • Discomfort in the feet and lower legs, especially pain caused by disease.
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Warts, calluses, and corns are examples of skin problems.
  • Ingrown toenails, toenail infections, and odd-shaped toenails are all common nail problems.
  • Concerns about balance or motor skills.
  • Very high or very low arches, or feet that bend inward or outward, are examples of foot appearance.







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