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Who We Are?

We are Austcare, a private nursing care agency offering quality personal care and home care assistance in perth across Australia. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding level of individual care for you, your loved one and patients referred professionally.
Nurses that come to your home are well trained to handle complex situations with the utmost care. If you require private nursing care services, contact us for bespoke nursing.          HOSPITALITY IS OUR CORE VALUE

Our Team

  • We have level 3-4 support workers
  • Experienced nursing staff
  • Experience across broad range of disabilities, including high care needs clients and challenging behaviour
  • Implementation of Positive Behavioru Support Plans
  • We provide free training and professional deveopment to ensure our staff are prepared and can give the best care

What We Offer?

Group / Centre Activities

  • Group and centre-based support services cover social experiences and activities that develop independence skills in the community setting.
  • Our staff and disability support workers are qualified to assist our participants in group-based community, social and recreational activities.
  • Group and Centre Based Activities, including assisting clients to participate in the group-based community, social and recreational activities. 
  • We have a partner in Jundaloop who hosts a range of group activities for participants that we can take them to

Assist Access/Maintain Employment

Access to a reasonable, suitable and sustainable employment is the goal of every individual. Depending upon your individual circumstances.  Austcare can help people with disability, find and keep jobs, get promoted to better jobs, upgrade or expand their workplace skills and more.

  • Prepare your resume
  • Identifying your skills and interests
  • Build your confidence and skills
  • Assist you find appropriate training courses or study
  • Discuss the logistics of working (for example, travel arrangements)
  • Continue to support you once you start work

Assist – Travel/Transport

This service aims to teach our participants the skills to travel within the community with confidence and independence. We know how difficult it can be to travel to places without the right knowledge, regarding reading timetables to identify the correct public transport routes. 

We can support you with a range of Travel and Transport Assistance including:

  • driving you to and from appointments,
  • assist with grocery shopping 
  • getting you to and from activities and events.


Community Nurse

  • We work alongside with communities and families to empower individuals secure nominal care to metamorphose unhealthy lifestyle and sharing post-acute care to people in-need at home.
  • Our health care squad nurses in community work with people from the diverse cultural background and mostly in destitute among the marginalized communities. Our team empowers peoples to access care that can change unhealthy living conducts and offer post-acute care to individuals in their home.
  • Our squad is reliable and friendly; has the experience and qualification to handle patients with discretion across all age groups.

Daily Tasks / Shared living

  • This service incorporates assistance with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment, which is either temporary or ongoing, with a focus on developing the skills of each individual to live as autonomously as possible. This support service also includes short-term accommodation and assistance (e.g. respite care).
  • Assisting you with your move into a new house or even assisting you with Daily Tasks like getting ready, preparing meals and enjoying your life without having to depend on others.
  • Our multicultural team are fully qualified, passionate and ready to set your goals with you and work with you to achieve it.

Innov Community Participation

  • We offer innovative community participation services tailored to meet the individual needs of people with disabilities and to engage in activities that add purpose and meaning to our participants’ lives.
  • We have expertly trained staff that will build our participants ability to partake in community events to the extent of nurturing complete independence from this service.

Household Tasks

Our team are able to help individuals who need support with basic domestic tasks that they cannot perform themselves. Household tasks, big or small, don’t need to be a barrier to maintaining your independence.  We provide help and assistance for those individuals who need support around their home with domestic activities.

Household tasks may include:

  • cleaning
  • dishwashing
  • washing your clothes
  • Shopping and preparation and delivery of meals

Assistive prod- household

  • Assistive products for household tasks are specialised aids and equipment that will help you in cooking, cleaning, washing and home maintenance. 
  • We provide wheelchairs and other mobility aids that will allow you to stay on the go as well as other products that will help you with daily tasks like showering, toileting and other routine activities.
  • We supply assistive devices for household tasks like cooking, cleaning and dishwashing. In addition, we will provide state of the art equipment like alarms, door bells, adapted clocks, programmable memory aids and environmental control units (ECUs)

Home Health and Community Care Services

We have special departments of home and community care services to cater to the ones in need in their crucial time.

Our Home Health Nursing Care Services include:

  • Understanding the patient’s need and problems
  • Creating a weekly and monthly to-do plan for the patient
  • Analysing the medical reports on regular basis
  • Preparing food chart as per the symptoms and prescription in the report
  • Providing the medication to the patient on time
  • Regular blood tests and submission to the doctors
  • Taking care of patient’s personal hygiene on daily basis to avoid harmful bacteria borne diseases
  • Helping patients to understand their situation better and accept it with a smiling face.
  • We also provide private nurses for home care in emergency situations with no elevated costs.

Location: We are based in the norther suburbs of Perth. We can travel as far south as Mandurah and as far north as Yanchep

Koondoola 6064, WA (Head Office)
5 Lea Road Koondoola State * WA Postcode * 6064
WA 6064
Cannington 6107, WA
WA 6107
Guildford 6055, WA
WA 6055
Osborne Park 6017, WA
Osborne Park
WA 6017
Wanneroo 6065, WA
WA 6065

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