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3bridges Community Limited

What we do

3Bridges’ historical roots are firmly entrenched in the local communities across Sydney’s south. With the merging of three key community based organisations in 2014, we celebrate our foundation as first and foremost a bridge of three communities coming together to build stronger community linkages across Southern Sydney. The merge between Pole Depot, Keystone and Menai Community Services allows us to build a stronger and more supported community. Through the recent merge we have the capacity to deliver more comprehensive services while maintaining a very local feel.

For over 40 years we’ve been providing ability-focused programs for people with a disability. Since our early days as a neighborhood centre we have always been putting people first. Our name demonstrates our desire to connect people of all abilities and cultures. Our vision is for everyone living in connected and enriched communities. Everything we do is intended to enrich people’s lives. We want to be a life long partner with you in your community. One that is there every step of the way, helping you navigate life’s challenges and helping you to realise opportunities. In doing so we want you to build (with your help) happier, healthier, connected, educated and enriched communities.

Disability Area of Interest

Carss Park 2221, NSW (Head Office)

Carss Park
NSW 2221