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AUTISM and ME in Sydney

Autism and Me


Join us for the annual Autism and Me event. This is the signature event of the newly registered charity Autism MATES.

One of the major goals of Autism MATES is to empower our young people living with autism.

This event is about empowering them by giving our young people a platform and a voice. It is time for them to advocate for themselves; enough of other people speaking for them and on their behalf. Just because they may have some difficulty speaking, does not mean they have nothing to say.

This year in addition to introducing new speakers, we will be following up with some of last year’s speakers. We will also be entertained by The Best MATES puppet show, a story of inclusion featuring Tommy the Turtle and Danny the Duck.


Above: Autism and Me - Sydney


Hear the unique stories of our young people on the spectrum.

Saturday 6 April 2019
3 pm

Randwick Town Hall
90 Avoca St
Randwick, NSW 2031 (view map)

Tickets $30 each or $61 per family (All children are welcome and FREE)