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Fifi and Mo

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Fifi and Mo

We have been following Fifi and Mo for some time now - not because Fifi has a disability but because we love the mother daughter bond these two have and the fun they have despite all the work they have to do...

Mo says: "Finley is my spirited 5 year old, and I'm her Mama, Christina! We are a Mommy and Me duo who aim to spread all kinds of awareness and hope to bring some uplifting cheer to youth our REALness! "

Our Story

Finley means "fair warrior." At birth the family found out she had had suffered Bilateral Grade-3 Brain Bleeds due to her prematurity. Doctors told them she would be very delayed and might not ever walk.

Mum Mo says: "We chose to do everything in our power to make sure this wasn't the case. Early intervention is Key.  We started therapy and Infant Stimulation when she was just 3 months old. We have done tri-weekly Occupational and Physical therapies, stretching programs, eye-surgery and patching, Botox injections, some medications, restricted diets, essential oils, supplements, infant massage, day bracing, night bracing,  horse therapy, water therapy, kinesio-taping, and ballet. All while trying to let her just enjoy being a kid."

Here is a look over the year since Finley underwent the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy with Dr. Park in St. Louis. It's been quite the journey!! Cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her! 



For more cute pics on how Fin lives life while just trying to be a kid, check out their blog: Fifi and Mo

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