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ADHD - Navigating your way through the Maze

MyCareSpace brings you

ADHD - Navigating your way through the Maze

With Leading Experts
Merrilyn Clancy Paul Joshua

With Dr Merrilyn

Child Development Advocate with special interest in children under 12 years facing a challenge in learning, health or behaviour

& Dr Paul

Developmental Paediatrician with special interest in ADHD

MyCareSpace brings you an expert panel on ADHD - a topic that confuses many of us and causes struggles for our children at home, at school and on the playground.

ADHD - Navigating your way through the Maze

MyCareSpace is hosting a webinar with a panel of experts on ADHD - a disorder that is marked by chronic inattention and or hyperactivity/impulsivity that interferes with daily functioning, development and learning.  

While most children have some of these behaviours, children with ADHD show more severe symptoms which interfere with how they function at school, at home or with friends.   

The pathway to finding help for a child with ADHD can be confusing.  As a parent you are faced with questions like: Does my child need medication?  Will my child benefit from therapy?  Why are my parenting skills not working?

If you are battling with these questions then this webinar is for you -  send in your questions prior to the webinar so we can make sure they get answered.

Dr Paul Joshua is a developmental paediatrician with a special interest in ADHD and behavioural disorders in school age children. Paul is passionate about offering parents a more holistic integrated approach to addressing some of the most challenging behaviours children can present.

Dr Merrilyn Clancy trained as a speech pathologist in Australia and went on to practice in the USA (California & New York). With a career spanning across research, universities, hospitals, private practice and schools, Dr Clancy’s approach is always child-centric and integrates whats happening at home, at school and on the playground to adopt an holistic approach. 


Register for this free event and let us know what you want to understand about ADHD from the experts (questions are kept anonymous). We will send you a follow up email with useful links and resources after the webinar.

Topic: ADHD - Navigating your way through the Maze

When: Thursday 16 August 12:30pm 

Cost: FREE