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The A-List Needs Your Help

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Nominate an 'A List' Organisation

The A List is a national online hub to help young autistic people find social activities all around Australia.

We want to include all social, group and community options of all kinds for young autistic people and their families all around Australia

Organisations listed on The A List may offer sports, arts, gaming or skills. They may hold outdoors adventures, online entertainment or camping. They could include horses, dogs or reptiles.

We want to include all options that a young autistic person might enjoy taking part in.

They may be large organisations, small organisations, community groups or volunteer run, but we need to know about them!

Keep us in the know!

Do you know of a great organisation of any kind anywhere in Australia that a young autistic person would absolutely love?

Please tell us about them by nominating them below! You are welcome to nominate your own business too!

Tell us what they do and why they absolutely have to be on The A List!

Find out more about The A List here

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